The world seems to have ushered in a new era of car-free living. With more cities closing down roads to cars, electric bikes are taking over the pavement all around the world. We've added a few new electric commuter bikes that will make you wonder why you ever needed a car for commuting in the first place.

Five models, three styles, one hell of a good time

The Dew-E DL and Ecoco DL are built for the commuter with discerning taste. Tubeless, puncture-resistant tires, front and rear Busch & Müller lights, front and rear fenders, and a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain provide a reliable ride in any conditions.

Kona Electric: Gravel / Commuter Tech Video
Dew-E DL
Ecoco DL
Both the Dew-E DL and the Ecoco DL feature fully-integrated batteries that power a Shimano E6100 motor.
The Dew-E DL has a Kona Rove Carbon fork with three bosses capable of carrying heavy loads.
The Ecoco DL carries the same classic step-through design as our original Coco.
The Shimano E7000 display on the Ecoco DL keeps your informed of your speed, mode, and battery power.

The Dew-E and Ecoco are easy on the eyes, ready to cruise up the steepest of hills, and make light work of your most tiring commutes. Both bikes feature a semi-integrated 504 Wh battery that powers a Shimano E6100 motor. With the Dew-E and the Ecoco, a little pedaling goes a long way.

Both the Dew-E and the Ecoco feature front and rear fenders and lights, keeping you safe and clean on your commute.
Both bikes rely on a sturdy integrated kickstand.
Like the Ecoco DL, the Ecoco utilizes swept-back bars for a more upright riding position. The bars easily accept a front basket to help haul groceries or a six pack.
WTB Horizon Comp Puncture Protect tires on both the Dew-e and Ecoco
The 2021 Splice-E now features a semi-integrated battery that powers a Shimano E6100 motor. As in years past the Splice-E is a versatile, comfortable bike that is at home on pavement or bike paths. It has both front and rear lights, fenders and puncture-resistant WTB tires.